UseNeXT usenet, is a German-based Usenet Service provider that has been providing Usenet access for over 9 years.  UseNeXT usenet is unique from other providers in that it provides it’s UseNext client to subscribers which makes accessing Usenet Newsgroups  easier. UseNext delivers astounding performance which is due to their six server farm available. 
UseNeXt was the first one to make Usenet available to the masses, and has definitely had a great part in innovating the industry. As one of the big providers out there, you get good speeds, a high retention and a client with all important features to make downloads a one-click thing, very good for Usenet beginners.


UseNeXT offers three plans, starting at €7.95 (approx. US$8.82) for 30GB of data per month, going to €9.95 (approx. US$11.03) for 80GB per month, and €19.95 (approx. US$22.12) for 250GB per month, with discounts for bulk purchases.


UseNeXT, Germany Features

The major features Of are:

  • greater latitude
  • more safety
  • faster speeds

Consumers have the ability for free discussions with millions of other Internet users, with retention of text files up to 3,832 days and binaries up to just over 2,000 days. Major safety issues of this service include 256-bit SSL encryption, encrypted registrations and the service is free from adware or spyware. Downloads are immediate and available at full speed and give customers abilities to hold up to 30 concurrent connections.
Usenet and all its associated newsgroups are accessed via a newsreader client. provides customers with a free choice of available newsreaders, which can be of immense benefit to customers needing to search for specific content or use different languages.


The plans are also rather unusual. First of all, the volume in the free trial is advertised as “300 GB”, but you can actually only download 10 GB at full bandwidth; afterwards you have to resolve to the so-called “basic” mode, featuring no volume restrictions but strongly reduced speeds of 1,000 to 2,000 kbit/s. This is called the “hybrid rate” model, and combines volume-restricted with flat rate plans. Notice how prices are in Euro and not in US Dollar or GBP, which is kind of important if you are from the US, UK or Canada.


Conclusion / Recommendation

All in all, UseNeXT usenet is a good service with an exclusive software some might deem good for their needs; interestingly it offers NZB support, which is standard among Usenet clients and makes it easy to use different methods to find files, such as external search engines,

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