Easynews Review
Opening Thoughts about Easynews
As one of the leading Usenet Service Providers, Easynews offers their users a full usage and access to Newsfeed and NNTP for both commercial and personal surfers. They have an excellent retention period and completion rates that make them one of the thriving Usenet global search feature provider. A new VPN feature to secure online details and identity was recently added to their services. You can purchase this as an add-on or as a completely new plan. Their excellent services make them one of the top contenders in the Usenet service providers industry.• VPN (Virtual
Private Network) Features
Easynews provides their users with a VPN feature which makes sure that their users are secured. Surfing anonymously & securely, while connecting from a public Wi-Fi with the use of a VPN, is only one benefit Easynews offers their users a VPN feature with their packages.
There are some benefits that to enjoy when using a VPN, here are some of the advantages:• Data and identity are highly secured
• Wi-Fi Hotspots are protected
• ISP is secured from Throttling
• A Virtual Firewall is Enabled
• Highly secured from Cyber Crimes
• Enjoy full internet freedom Bypassing restrictions
• Disable Unwanted Ads
With Easynews easy to use VPN your data is highly secured.• Features & Search Clients
Easynews offers their users a search feature that makes it easier for them to search their favorite newsgroup.

• Price packages
Easynews have 3 different packages for every category of users no matter how much or little you may use Usenet. Their packages include the Classic, Plus, and the Big Gig plan.
• The Classic Plan costs $9.98 per month with 20GB Web Data Transfer Limits and 1GB Loyalty Gigs
• The second package which is the Plus Plan goes for $14.97 monthly with 40GB Web Data Transfer Limits and 2 GB Loyalty Gigs
• The Big Gig Plan which is the Best Value can be subscribed for $29.94 every month with 150 GB Web Data Transfer Limits and 12 GB Loyalty Gigs with added FREE Unlimited NNTP & VPN
• Completion & Retention
Retention is the amount of time that post are kept on the servers to make it available. Their high retention period of up to 2989 days allows you to access older files and with our 99% completion rate you are assured of assured of faster speeds.

screenshot_69 • Tech support
At Easynews they believe that customer support is the heart of communication between members and their clients. They have the best support to customers with their highly dedicated support team that offers you Technical Support 24/7/365 via e-mail, or their support newsgroup.


• Recommendation/Conclusion
The use of Usenet servers keep growing every day, but with Easynews you enjoy good pricing and easy to use VPN service for a more secure access at a very affordable fee. Subscribe to any of the packages to enjoy unlimited and best Usenet services.



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