News hosting is thriving to be one of the best Usenet service providers which offer excellent Usenet service by giving their users the full access to Newsgroup and NNTP for private and business users. They have an excellent retention days and completion rates that make them a major contender and the best Usenet search feature provider. A new feature was recently added to their package which is the VPN feature to safeguard and protect data online. It can be paid for with the packages to serve as an add-on or can also be paid for as different subscription. All these are the determining factors which make them one of the favorite providers.



VPN (Virtual Private Network) Features

News Hosting respects the privacy of their users which makes them introduce the new VPN features to ensure that their server is highly secured. This VPN feature is for personal use either you are connecting from a public Wi-Fi, or you are trying to open content from another country, want your identity to be anonymous online .Then VPN feature is what you need.You can purchase it as add-ons with any of the packages or as a separate subscription.

Using a News hosting VPN feature to access Usenet server makes you become anonymous online and secure your Privacy with some advantages like:

• Protection of your Identity and Data.

• Secure your Wi-Fi Hotspots (If you are using One )

• Prevents ISP Throttling

• Provides you a Virtual Firewall

• Protection from Cyber Crimes

• No restrictions i.e. Bypass any restrictions

• Removes Unwanted Ads



News hosting VPN features to secure your online identity and data with easy to use software service.

Features & Search Clients

Newshosting offers highly improved Global search to give users the access to search and

download contents from their favorite newsfeed.



Price packages

News hosting has great packages options for their users, even if you use Usenet server often or

just once in a while. Our Lite, Unlimited, and the XL Powerpack packages is available for you to

choose depending on how much or little you do use Usenet server.

The Lite plan pricing is a monthly subscription that costs $10.00 with 50GB w/rollover and allows

up to 30 connections, this is an ideal package for the basic users.

The second package Unlimited which is the best value comes with a slightly cost higher price

with a monthly payment of $12.95 with unlimited data transfer, Free Newshosting Browser , up

to 30 connections and a VPN feature.


XL Powerpack is the last package which can also be subscribed to every month for $15.83 with

features like Unlimited Data Transfer, up to 60 Connections and Free Newshosting with a VPN


Subscribe for any of these packages and get an unlimited connection to Newshosting server.


Completion & Retention

Newsgroup retention rates indicate how long a post is kept. We offer you over 2988 days of

retention across all newsgroups with our massive 99% completion rate that gives you the access

to whatever you are looking for as our list of newsgroups keeps growing. With the confidence that

whenever you are accessing Newshosting server, you are assured of a faster and best

completion rates. Right, here at Newshosting they give you the best retention and completion rate

you could ever think of.


Tech support

If you need any technical support, their experienced support team is available to help you, contact

them by phone or by sending them an email. They are always ready to help with any challenges

you may be going through.



News hosting allows the easy use of Usenet access with their low-cost VPN packages for a more

secure online identity and quality services with their increasing data transfer rate, a large number

of NewsServer and retention periods. Choose any of our plans today to enjoy the best Usenet

access.Check Out our Best Usenet Providers.

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