Usenet Block Account


Usenet Block Accounts

Usenet Block accounts enable a member to buy Usenet access on his or her own terms. Rather than a monthly subscription, you can just buy a block. This means that you are allocated a block of bandwidth, which is available to you until you ultimately use it. Thus, you will not worry about losing your bandwidth that you have paid for. Also, block account does not renew automatically. This is very important as you will not be billed again until you are ready. When you are ready to buy a new block, you only need to log into your account and buy. Some of the top block account providers include and

Usenet Block account are fantastic options for irregular, light Usenet user. This is because they enable you to pre-purchase transfer bandwidth and use it the way you want. No expiring, no subscriptions, just use your bandwidth when you need it. When you buy more data bundle, the cheaper it gets. In fact, some can provide you with several IPs to connect and even share your account with friends.

Newsdemon Review

Before using Newsdemon, you need to understand some of its advantages. First, it is known to offer long retention rates in this industry. This is because they understand how retention is important for its users. Thus, they are constantly upgrading and improving systems to provide competitive retention rates in this industry.

In fact, Usenet access is now affordable with Newsdemon block accounts. Users are provided with a broad range of plans to meet their needs and budgets. The good thing about them is that you will not be paying for what you do not use. You will easily find affordable plans fit your needs.

Other things you may like about Newsdemon is that they are both reliable and efficient. They have Usenet servers across the world. This is necessary to assure their users’ optimal uptime and redundancy. This means that you will be accessing Newsgroups with fastest speeds. To enjoy unparalleled speed, you should connect to a server that is located near you. With their several plans, you are covered with them.


Astraweb is one of the top Usenet Service providers that offers great value with many options, which make their service appealing. They offer block accounts with many features you will expect from a top Usenet provider. The good thing about them is that they provide a broad range of payment options and are SSL encrypted.

Their speeds are quite good. This is because they are connected to Savvis Internet backbone servers and Limelight Networks. Moreover, they various servers so you are assured of excellent connection no matter your location. They offer 2,600+ days of binary retention. This continues to grow. This places them inline with top Usenet providers as far as binary retention is concerned.

Usually, Usenet block Account do not expire monthly. Instead, you can buy a given amount of data and utilize it when you want. If you use your data quite fast, you should consider Unlimited plans as they are convenient and meet your needs. On the other, if you are taking quite long to use your data, a block account is the ideal choice. Checkout our Best Usenet Providers.